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Tzora Active Passive Trainer APT-5
Tzora Active Passive Trainer APT-5
Tzora Active Passive Trainer APT-5
Tzora Active Passive Trainer APT-5

Tzora Active Passive Trainer APT-5

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Fully digital, the APT-5 gives user complete control of speed, resistance, number of spins and load levels to meet every user needs.

It has digital counters to show the time taken, number of circles (rotations).

The APT-5 is designed mainly for users with limited or no muscular strength such as disabled from injuries, suffering from muscle atrophy or confined to a wheelchair, the APT-5 caters to different degrees of muscle incapability. 

Weighing at only 10 kg, the APT-5 is compact and it can be moved around with ease. It can also be placed on the floor, on a table, or with the Hi-Lo frame for a more comfortable and complete workout.

The APT-5 is safe to use without any flywheel or fan that may cause injury.

Simply use a damp cloth to wipe the trainer for maintenance and servicing purpose.

Active Mode:

What we offer:

  • 10 levels of resistance for active exercise.
  • Adjustable crank-arm height and length for upper and lower limb exercise.

What you get:

    • Improve blood circulation, strength, endurance and muscle-tone.
    • Activate rhythmic locomotion patterns.
    • Learn the motorics of cycling.

    Passive Mode:

    What we offer:

    • 10 speeds for passive exercise (suitable for passive/inactive/disabled users).
    • Auto reverse feature to help relax seized muscles.

    What you get:

      • Improve blood circulation, muscle tone and range of motion for upper and lower limbs.
      • Reduces muscle atrophy, spasms and swelling.
      • Decreases limb resistance through passive cycling.
      • Improve stiffness in lower extremities muscles.


      • Hemi-gloves footrest
      • Hand grips


      • Weight: 10kg
      • Folded Dimensions: 460 x 720 х 150mm
      • Rotation Radius: 5 / 75 / 112.5 / 150mm
      • Exercising Position (Angle): 15º/30º/45º/60º
      • Rated Voltage: 18V AC
      • Power Supply: 220-240V AC 60 Hz
      • Rated Voltage: 18V AC
      • Rated Power: 100 VA

      Specifications (Hi-Lo):

      • Packed Dimensions: 1040 x 700 x 250 mm
      • Packed Weight: 39kg
      • Based Dimensions:1000 x 760 mm
      • Height:1000 mm
      • Working Height From Ground Level: 1250 mm