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Repairs and Warranty

Repair Services

Walk-In Repairs at our workshop

Repair prices will be quoted at our workshop itself

Tyre installation: $30 for up to 2 tyres/ 50 for up to 4 tyres

Battery prices:

15AH Batteries: $180

20AH Batteries: $200

36AH Batteries: $320

45AH Batteries: $450

Basic Servicing fee: $30

On-Site installation

Delivery and Collection service: $60


Our warranty is 2 years for mobility scooters and covers all electrical deficiencies caused naturally. If an electrical part is found to be not working well upon inspection, it will be repaired or replaced without charge. The Customer or rider has to bring the deficient mobility scooter to our workshop for repair or replacement. Receipts, invoices, and proof of purchase have to be kept and shown for proof of warranty.

Motor and battery use will not be replaced or repaired if there are signs of overcharging and overuse or misuse of the mobility scooter.

Mobility scooters batteries are only warranted for 6 months only after purchase.

Warranty Exclusions

Warranty is only for Mobility scooters and E-Wheelchairs

Damaged from wear and tear and regular use of product are excluded.

Damaged caused by misuse and abuse of battery and motor.

Repairs and modifications without our knowledge will exclude your product from the warranty.

Any damage that is done after the 2 year period is considered that the damage is done by wear and tear. (Excluding the 6 months for batteries)