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FAQ for Mobility Scooter

FAQ for Mobility Scooter

Q1) Can i wash my scooter with water ?

The scooter has a water resistant system, but not water proof. Never pour water on the scooter to wash. The best way is to wipe the scooter with a soft damp cloth. Never try to clean the scooter with chemical materials, this may damage the scooter.

Q2) The key is turned on but the scooter will not move and there is no faults showing on the display.

For rider's safety, the scooter will be switched off automatically after 10 minutes but the display will be working. In such a case, just turn the key off and on again.

Q3) When do I need to charge the battery?

It is important to charge the battery fully after every time the scooter has been used.

Q4) What do the LED lights on the charger do?

The LED indicator on the charger shows the charging status as following: RED: Power connected; Orange: Charging; GREEN: Charging Complete.

Q5) My new batteries are not performing very well?

New batteries need to be cycled 5-6 times (charging/discharging) before they reach Maximum capacity

Q6) How to protect my scooter batteries if I don't use my scooter for a longer period?

Please make sure to fully charge the batteries once every two months to keep the batteries in peak condition.

Q7) How and when do I service or maintain the scooter?

We recommend servicing the scooter every once a year to see and check if there are any areas that are not working or degrading. Repairs and maintenance fees depend on the parts needed.

Q8) Can I test try the mobility scooters?

Yes! You can test try our mobility scooters to ensure that the scooter is suitable and right for you. Feel free to come to our workshop to test try your future mobility scooter.