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Collection: Maruishi Bicycles - "Happy Cycle Life for everyone"

100 years of manufacturing, to the bicycle beyond

Our "MARUISHI" brand has been involved in Japanese bicycle culture with a history of 120 years from the civilization of the Meiji era to the present.
Bicycles are an inseparable and truly familiar part of our lifestyle.
And it is a vehicle that is good for both health and the environment, that is, friendly to people and the earth.
At the same time, it also carries "feelings" for the most important "life."
Maruishi Cycle, in order to continue to create bicycles with such an important role, puts the "feelings" of both the "creating side" and the "riding side" on it, and constantly improves and improves products that make everyone truly happy.・ We will continue to provide products that everyone can ride with "genuine safety and security" by making full use of our development capabilities.
We will continue to contribute to a comfortable and prosperous society through bicycles that are "genuinely safe and secure with feelings" based on the philosophy of "Happy Cycle Life for everyone" .

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  • Maruishi Cavalier 500HD - Mountain Bike (26 inch)
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