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7 Ways Interflon Fin Super Improves Biking Performance

1. Fin Super Keeps Chains Smooth, Clean, and Dry

Fin Super is unlike anything you’ve ever tried on your chain before. We can say this with confidence, because it’s the only product on the market with MicPol®, a unique solid-lubricant technology with micronized and polarized particles. Fin Super goes on as a wet spray that dries quickly to form a clear, solid film. It repels water and dirt, and it will prolong the life of your chain by amounts you never thought possible.

2. Fin Super doubles chain life.

How do we know this? Because we’ve been making Fin Super since 1980, and we’ve seen the results for ourselves. Our clients in over 40 countries around the world routinely report that their chain life is often doubled. Sometimes they last even longer than that! Originally designed for applications in tough industrial settings, Fin Super is being discovered by the biking community as a secret weapon that will perform better and last longer than any ordinary lubricant on the market.

3. Fin Super solves the problem of rusted and seized bearings.

How is this possible? The tiny size of lubricant particles in Fin Super (as small as .03 microns, which is more than 1500x smaller than the diameter of a human hair) is what gives it its amazing creeping ability.

4. Freehubs

You can use Fin Super in the sensitive engagement point area. The lubrication qualities of Fin Super allow for the lowest friction where engagement occurs, keeps the pawls from sticking, displaces water and dirt that tries to enter, and lasts much longer than any other product on the market that is intended to do these same things.

5. Derailleurs and Chain Guides

You can use Fin Super on the pins, and pulley wheels on derailleurs and guides. It is also safe to use on the plastic components of chain guides. Just like the other applications, it displaces water and dirt, protects the parts, and lubricates better and much longer than conventional oils.


Credit to: 

John Leslie